Lisa T., Alexandria, VA – from Yelp reviews

“Jim couldn’t have asked for a better experience, or better outcome.”

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My now-husband found Mark after searching the greater DC Metro area for a reliable tailor to outfit me for our wedding (and the festivities preceding it). Immediately Jim found Mark’s shop was exactly what he was looking for. Dispensing with the flashy storefront pretentiousness that is common among bespoke mens shops around, Mark has a depth of knowledge on which he drew to help Jim design and construct the perfect ensemble for our big day and the days leading up to it.

Mark and his team constructed a classic tuxedo, two sport coats, two pair of slacks, and three shirts. The process was enjoyable and his attention to detail was spot on. Jim couldn’t have asked for a better experience, or better outcome. And to top it off, he is still receiving rave reviews on his wardrobe during the wedding week.

Highly recommend Mark for any and all wardrobe needs.



Dire A., Reston Va. – from Yelp reviews

“Go talk with Mark Levinson and let him make you a suit. You won’t regret it.”

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I met Mark Levinson one day during a group volunteer effort he was leading which my wife asked me to help with. I didn’t know what Mark did for a living nor was I particularly interested. At one point there was a conversation about clothes and this guy recounts an experience of being on a plane at the end of a long work week returning home when another passenger comments about the suit he was wearing and how “incredible” he looked in it. Evidently Mark had made the suit.

I recall thinking, I know exactly what that sort of on-the-road experience is like. But I know nothing about looking “incredible” even under the best of circumstances. And then somewhat peevishly I thought, of course this guy would look “incredible”. He’s one of those types who’s fit and athletic and just plain handsome. Why wouldn’t he look good, so how much more would a custom suit add? At the time I believe I said something socially positive and that I would follow up with Levison. But in reality I regarded a custom suit as something which would not help me and eventually forgot about it.

Months later I noticed that among my many off-the-rack suits it was time to get some replacements. I never relish this periodic need to overhaul my wardrobe. In fact, I detest it for one simple reason: nothing ever fits to my general satisfaction and even after spending good sums for decent brand names like Joseph Abboud, Hugo Boss, etc. Note, this too with the aid of a “personal” fashion adviser at a reasonably high end retail store. While grousing about this, my wife suggested I go see Mark. I kicked the idea around for several weeks and finally figured, OK, why not at least go talk to him?

I can’t be sure if maybe Mark sensed my hesitation when we met. He started out by trying to get a feel for what I understood of real custom suit making as well as my likes and dislikes ranging from style of fabrics to my needs. As I began to relax I came to understand Mark was someone at ease with himself and the business of suit making and had years of experience.

I had no knowledge of the history of cloth manufacture, how it has evolved or how styles have changed over time and where manufacturers are today, who the best are or for that matter the incredible variability in quality worldwide. Mark took me through this and showed me the different fabric types for suits, jackets, overcoats, linings and differentiated sources (Italian, British, etc.), weights, colors, textures, how one fabric drapes vs another and on. There’s an incredible world in just this facet of suit making alone. I had no clue there could be such history and depth to simply cloth production.

Mark explained the fitting process, initial measurements, cutting of the patterns and the fabric, the fitting of shoulders, chest area, collar, the sleeve pitch, pants, the creases and breaks, the proper set on the waist, drape and so on. I was impressed, I had no idea so much attention to detail would be involved in making a suit.

We settled on fabrics for the suit and its linings as well as well as the jacket and pant style. Mark took extensive measurements of me and I left.

At the first fitting the suit had been basted together with some interior elements in place like the shoulder padding, breast canvas, etc., enough so that I could put it on. My first impression was I’d look a bit different compared to the off the rack suits I’d been accustomed to. Mark and Han, his master tailor, spent time making initial adjustments, taking more measurements, marking some things here and there, re-pining bits. I was struck by the dialog between the two of them and how focused they were on the smallest details.

At the seconding fitting most of the jacket’s structural components were in place for the shoulders, the chest, the sleeves along with the pants and the linings cut in. Slipping the suit on and looking in the mirror, it was immediately clear I was going to look very different. Even so, Mark and Han spent time discussing minutiae I couldn’t follow, marking off and pinning in more adjustments, some of which appeared to me so small and minor I wondered why: the suit felt wonderful and looked great as it was.

On the day of the final fitting, Mark and Han looked me over in detail, tugging this sleeve or that, smoothing a shoulder, examining things silently, pretty much in their own world. Mark then asked me what I thought, how the suit felt and looked.

These days we toss around superlatives to emphasize just about anything. But this was in fact amazing. In retrospect, I can’t believe I’ve spent so much money for off the rack suits. I could go on about the details in the meticulous and beautiful hand stitching, the pocket design and construction, the belt loops, fly catches, how it feels when I sit, stand and walk around. I’ll just leave you with this. Go talk with Mark Levinson and let him make you a suit. You won’t regret it.



Bao N. – Washington DC – Google Reviews

“You can see how passionate he is in his craft, and his wealth of knowledge made the entire experience so much better.”

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I’m not sure why there aren’t more reviews on Levinson Bespoke! I came to Mark for a consultation on some pieces I that had in mind and he completely blew us away with the level of service provided. He even knew what I was looking for before I even knew, and showed us some of the most absolutely beautiful fabrics.

You can see how passionate he is in his craft, and his wealth of knowledge made the entire experience so much better. The best part about everything is that he never actually tries to sell you a suit–he simply just explains how the fabrics are produced, the various steps it goes through and the history of the mills, and allows you to make your decisions off of it.

A consultation with Mark is like going to go talk to a dear friend, who also just happens to know everything about custom tailored clothing. Do not hesitate any further, and reach out to Mark to make your appointment!



Mona M., Greenbelt, MD – from Yelp reviews

“My husband had a suit made by Levinson Bespoke for a our wedding last year. Mark took great care to ensure a prefect fitting suit. We were both really pleased with the suit and many people complimented how good it looks. My husband has a small frame so off the rack suits would always be baggy, whereas this one clearly fits perfectly. We highly recommend Levinson Bespoke!”



Robert S., Nashville, TN – from Yelp reviews

“I called Levinson Bespoke and a receptionist answered. I explained that I had a friend’s wedding coming up in 52 days for which I needed a suit, and wondered if Mark would be able to complete a bespoke suit in that timeframe. She said she would check with Mark and get back to me.”

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Mark called me back a few minutes later, and I gave him the timeline I was working with: a wedding in the Netherlands 52 days from now, and I’d be in and out of the country three times between now and then. He said he could make it work and we scheduled our first appointment for the next day.

I’d never had a suit made before, and Mark was so patient answering all of my stupid questions while walking me through choices for an appropriate fabric and jacket lining, along with details I’d never heard of much less considered, like surgeon’s cuffs, peaked lapels, and pick stitching.

Long story short, Mark went above and beyond to work around my hectic travel schedule, and he made me an unbelievable suit. I also bought a custom shirt and tie from him at the same time which were equally great.

A bespoke suit from Mark will be expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for in this case.



Seung P., Fairfax Va. – From Yelp reviews

“I cannot recommend them enough. If you want a fully bespoke suit cut and sown by hand locally and with every detail addressed to a fault, choose Levinson Bespoke.”

Read full reviewI just had my first custom/bespoke suit completed by Mark and my not inexpensive off the rack suits aren’t in the same universe of quality.

When I first met Mark a few months ago, he was extremely patient with my questions, thorough in the measurements and details, and just a very easy person to work with.

He was very adaptable to my needs and any changes I had and always worked hard to accommodate my schedule and desired style for the suit.

I now proudly own a fully canvassed charcoal gray peak lapel suit with Bemberg lining, working surgeon’s cuffs, horn buttons, side tabbed pants, and every detail of the suit from the waist, the color of the lining, pocket angle, the length of the coat, et. al. specifically dictated by me and made reality by Mark and his staff.  In addition, all work was crafted by hand in their Vienna office instead of using undependable overseas labor.

The attention to detail was exquisite, Mark and his staff were very professional and easy to work with, and thanks to them, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Saks, Neiman, Macy’s, et. al., have lost a customer.

I unreservedly recommend Levinson Bespoke and I’m already planning my next bespoke suit purchase from them.

FOLLOW UP REVIEW: I just had Mark and his staff complete my second bespoke suit.  I now own a cobalt blue single breasted notch lapel suit with full canvassing, horn buttons, surgeon cuffs, Bemberg lining, cut to be very trim fit, and customized to my measurements with every detail chosen by me.

As I previously posted, I’m extremely happy with how the suit turned out and with how professional Mark Levinson and his staff were throughout the process.  Again, I cannot recommend them enough. If you want a fully bespoke suit cut and sown by hand locally and with every detail addressed to a fault, choose Levinson Bespoke.



RexTatLinEddy R., Fort Washington, Md. – From Yelp reviews

“Awesome suitmaker, awesome conversationalist, and all around awesome guy.”

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Awesome suitmaker, awesome conversationalist, and all around awesome guy. This guy knows his stuff. Ask him about anything concerning mills, fabrics, well-known tailors and you’ll find out that he is walking encyclopedia. He’s not like others who claim to be true bespoke tailors then sends it out to a foreign country to get the suit done (not that I have anything against that)  All his work is done in house. The art of true bespoke tailoring is slowly dying but guys like Mark keep it alive. To add to that, there are only a few TRUE bespoke suitmakers in the DMV area. You can practically count them all with one hand. Mark is one you can count as true. Cheers Mark!



Enrique M., Washington D.C. – From Yelp reviews

“Mark Levinson not only delivered an incredible, personal experience, he also was able to deliver a one-of-a-kind tuxedo the likes of which will not be seen again.”

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I came to Levinson Bespoke seeking the kind of boutique experience my wife was getting with her wedding gown. I wasn’t going to settle being the cookie-cutter groom in an off-the-rack tuxedo at our faerie tale wedding. Mark Levinson not only delivered an incredible, personal experience, he also was able to deliver a one-of-a-kind tuxedo the likes of which will not be seen again. I can confidently say that because the design came from the expert execution of my bride’s vision and sketches.

In our first meeting, Mark sat with us and patiently, then excitedly, listened as we explained what we were looking for and helped build a design centered around: my Spanish heritage; the faerie tale theme for the wedding; and a pair of platinum shoes. Mark listened to our explanation and added his insight and comments through several fittings and conversations.  The final outcome was a beautiful bolero-style tuxedo that hit all the right notes and almost stole the show at the wedding – note I said almost 😉

I cannot recommend Levinson Bespoke highly enough. I’m extremely thrilled with the outcome. You will not be disappointed.



Sager A., Alex, Va. – From Google reviews

“I was shocked to find out they make their clothing on site instead of sending it overseas like other places I met with.”

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I recently found Levinson Bespoke online after having a frustrating experience finding the right fit and quality in suits and shirts at department stores. I kept finding myself squeezing into styles that just didn’t hit the mark. I ended up having a consultation with Mark at Levinson Bespoke. He was remarkably knowledgeable about the process of making clothing. I was shocked to find out they make their clothing on site instead of sending it overseas like other places I met with. I was fitted by Mark and also met with tailor that was making my clothes; something that I had never even considered as a possibility. I started with an order of shirts and a pair of pants to try them out, and was very impressed with both. I am looking forward to getting a suit into the works next.



William F., Reston Va. – From Yelp reviews

“There is nothing like wearing a hand-made garment, one “made exclusively for” you. My confidence soars.”

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Tonight I’m attending a black tie event in a rental tuxedo…and I’m mortified. Poor planning has left me with this pitiful option.  For the past 15 yrs, I have had the pleasure of wearing the bespoke suiting from Mark Levinson at Levinson Bespoke, and I have failed to give him the chance to produce another work of art.

Beautiful fabrics, meticulous attention to detail, impeccable craftsmanship, expert insight.  I am routinely complimented — at the office by coworkers, at the Starbucks by baristas, in restaurants by hostesses and maître-des, on the Metro by (usually silent) commuters, at airports by TSA (yes, they complement my clothes) — by total strangers compelled to recognize.

The real test, of course, comes when you look in the mirror.  I have to say, in a world where suiting is becoming increasingly rare, I can’t wait to put one on.   There is nothing like wearing a hand-made garment, one “made exclusively for” you.  My confidence soars.

All of this at a price worth every penny.  And then some.  Thank you, Mark!!



Anthony N., Reston, Va. – From Yelp reviews

“Mark knows fabrics, he loves fabrics, and he clearly loves what he does.”

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I have been a customer of Mark for 3 years now: he’s made me 5 pairs of trousers, 7 shirts, and 1 sport coat in a traditional British style. I also have numerous off-the-rack sport coats and suits from reputable merchants, so I believe I’m qualified to compare the fit and quality of OTR or MTM to bespoke. They’re not even close. I have broad shoulders, and big legs from cycling. Other merchants have tried to take oversized garments and alter them down for me. Mark makes them for me, based on extensive and patient consultation. He has even provided me with useful advice about clothing I’ve gotten elsewhere, for which I’m grateful. Mark knows classic styles (American, Italian, British), and he knows every important fabric mill and its history.

To take one example, Mark made me two pairs of wool twill trousers, in tan and light gray. Mind you, this is 11 oz. twill, that should last a good long time. Proper wool dress trousers will set you back over $200 anywhere, and they will be made of paper-thin fabric, without a proper Bemberg lining. They will also not fit, most likely; in any case,I know they wouldn’t fit me. As far as hefty wool flannel trousers go, the gray flannels Mark made for me are a delight in cold weather. Of course bespoke trousers will cost much more, but I can tell you mine were worth it. Endlessly altering clothing that didn’t fit to begin with takes time. I can honestly say that if I reckoned the time I’ve wasted trying to fix bad MTM, bespoke would end up being a better deal.



Rick W., Los Angeles, Ca. – From Yelp reviews

“I am practically a “lifer” with Levinson Bespoke and would not do it any other way!”

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I am practically a “lifer” with Levinson Bespoke and would not do it any other way! Mark and his tailors began designing and making suits and shirts for me over a quarter century ago. The work and customer service have been superb without qualification throughout – as is reflected by the abundance of compliments I receive when I wear anything Levinson Bespoke has made for me. Great fabrics, excellent design, precision workmanship, and fastidious detailing.



Brian A., Alexandria, Va. – From Yelp reviews

“I felt right at home in his shop, and the guidance he gave could not have been better.”

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Had been searching the interwebs for quite some time looking for the best reviews of bespoke tailors in the DC area, and finally thought to ask the long-time tailor of my father’s for some advice. He has since retired, but recommended only two tailors: Mark Levinson Bespoke and another tailor down in Richmond, VA. I made an appointment with Mark pronto and went out to Vienna for my first sit-down with him. I was completely unfamiliar with the Bespoke process, and he walked me through it from start to finish. In the first meeting, we went over fabrics, styles, and he offered advice and guidance (particularly when I was unsure of certain things). I felt right at home in his shop, and the guidance he gave could not have been better. I had a few more meetings for fitting the suit, and after about a month I had a fantastic suit. The quality and workmanship is truly top-notch, and the fit is incredible. Small touches throughout the process as well as a down-to-earth discussion at every fitting truly made the experience fantastic. I wore the suit for my wedding, and received copious compliments on its look and fit. Could not recommend Mark more highly.



Lou M., McLean, Va. – From Google reviews

“Levinson has been making my suits for more than 10 years. He truly understands his art and is impassioned by it.”

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Levinson has been making my suits for more than 10 years. He truly understands his art and is impassioned by it. As it should be, fit is his top priority and having his tailoring shop in house makes the process really easy. I use to deal with a clothier who would take my measurements and then send them off to who knows where and pray that the clothing came in fitting properly. Most of the time it didn’t and the salesman would try to brush the fitting problems under the carpet or tell me he would fix it next time. Levinson has removed this guessing game style of making clothing by making his custom suits, sport coats and trousers on premises in his Vienna VA workroom. It’s nostalgic yet refreshing to stop by the shop for a fitting or to pick out fabric and to see bespoke clothing being made by craftsmen. If I am too busy to get by his shop, he will make house/office visits but I prefer going to his shop because it’s a relaxing break from the office noise. I’ve come to rely on a number of professional relationships as my life has gotten busier (doctor, attorney, accountant, investment, etc…) and it’s nice to count a personal tailor in that group as well. Mark – thanks for helping me look great and thanks for making it so easy!



Todd H., Alex Va. – Note from Todd to Levinson Bespoke

“I feel good knowing I am supporting a locally-owned company with tailors and craftsmen who live in my community.”

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“When I am reaching for a suit in my closet, I find myself drawn to my Levinson Bespoke suits. They fit the best, I’ve picked the fabric and made every decision about their construction and I feel good knowing I am supporting a locally-owned company with tailors and craftsmen who live in my community.”



Hallie B., Vienna Va. – From Yelp reviews

“If you want a gorgeous handmade bespoke suit, look no further.”

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If you want a gorgeous handmade bespoke suit, look no further. Mark Levinson and his on site team- create beautiful bespoke suits. His service is above and beyond, and I have been pleased to have been a client for years.