Exclusivity, Prestige, the Continual Search for Perfection

This is what Levinson Bespoke stands for. It is embodied in each of our hand tailored garments. The skill and flair of a master tailor combined in perfect harmony with the vision of an acute businessman, Levinson Bespoke founder Mark Levinson, was well aware that each feature is more than just a detail. The suits, shirts, and accessories which make up the Bespoke collections are all individual works of art and are emblematic of the excellence of Made in America handcrafted clothing. After 25 years, this philosophy remains unchanged in the company spirit.

The various stages of production faithfully follow the inspiration of the original pattern from which the final garment is brought to life in a thousand loving gestures. Cutting, tacking, sewing, and pressing by skilled hands are carried out under the watchful eye of master tailors. Today the Levinson Bespoke creations are produced in a small studio in Northern Virginia where a handful of expert tailors meticulously follow every stage of production to create Bespoke garments for Washington's most respected business community. More than 20 hours of careful work goes into every suit. Only after thousands of stitches, skillful canvassings, careful facings, precise trimmings and patient stokes of the iron, only when each individual part is perfect, can the distinctive harmony of the Levinson Bespoke garment be achieved. Each individual garment that leaves the tailoring workshop is ready to come alive on the man who inspired it, accompanying him through the years in his daily life and accomplishments.